System Description

Freedom Aviation’s standby alternator system is for Cessna 182T/T182T/206H/T206H aircraft. More specifically, the system is for Cessna 182 and 206 aircraft equipped with the Garmin 1000 (NAV III) avionics package.

The standby alternator system consists of four major components: 

1. Standby Alternator: A BC425-1 alternator from B&C Specialty Products is mounted to the accessory drive pad on the Cessna. This pad was formerly intended for a second vacuum pump.  This alternator provides a continuous source of power up to 20 amps without loading the engine anymore than a vacuum pump. 

2. Alternator Controller: The BC203-2D alternator controller from B&C Specialty Products performs the automatic switch over function of the system and serves as the system’s voltage regulator. The controller also is where the Standby Alternator Master switch is connected to the “STBY ALT ON” annunciator. 

3. Standby Alternator Master Switch: The STBY ALT master switch is added to the pilot’s checklist and should be turned on when the aircraft is started. 

4. Standby Alternator Light Indicator (“STBY ALT ON”): A STBY ALT ON light turns on when the primary alternator fails, indicating the standby alternator is carrying the electrical load.

The standby alternator system activates automatically. When the alternator controller senses the primary aircraft alternator has failed, the load is shifted automatically to the standby alternator. The STBY ALT ON light turns on and indicates the standby alternator system has been activated. In the event the load on the aircraft electrical system exceeds the capabilities of the standby alternator, the “STBY ALT ON” light flashes, warning the pilot to shed electrical load.